70 billion dollar franchise

>70 billion dollar franchise

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that can't be real

It looks like that guy from Evervody hates raymond.

it looks like a taris citizen face model

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How does this guy keep getting fucking work?

When ever I see this panel all I can see is Mike from RLM.

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Jesus Christ Marvel...

how the hell did this go from page 10 all the way to 1?

you're an user with refined taste

imagine being this underage or autistic

I see Mike Stoklasa has now made his way to comics.

The idea of Mike's face being soullessly copied and pasted into a Disney Wars comic, when Mike himself is one of the people tangentially responsible for Disney Wars existing, seems very poetic to me.

yeah, wouldn't wanna imagine what its like being in your shoes

artists seem to get paid a magnitude less to draw star wars than capeshit. consistently mediocre output despite getting decent artists

Why did Lucas sell Lucasfilm for such a low price (2 billion in $, 1 billion in Disney stock)? Obviously Disney has expanded SW but it was already huge and only one part of the company.

the fuck are you going to do with a billion dollars?

The Dark Horse era had consistently better artists in my opinion, though some of those could be kinda bad too.

how the fuck do you not understand how this site works? Please, answer me this

Not that user but it trips me up sometimes when a thread is literally the last in the catalog and then gets bumped.

Blame OP for bumping shitty threads

he was sick of fan backlash and wanted to wash his hands of the franchise.

also lucas is one of the very few people in hollywood who does not really care a about money.

That's not billions being traded between telecomm giants where it vanishes into the aether
that's a billion dollars straight into the pocket of a single person who was already pretty rich

I do, just a little jarring how the thread was on deaths door now multiple people are chatting it up

This is the same guy who thought red tails was breaking the "mold"

Didn't he actually trace this image once?

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why waste your time asking rhetorical questions than letting this thread die?

because i fucking want too


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I mean, it was and is fairly a-typical to have a "blockbuster" movie with that many black people and that few white people. Red Tails was hitting Black Panther numbers.

Seriously I am like 99% certain that it really is Mike's face

Took me a while, but found it.

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I’m speaking of the franchise as a whole but why’d they buy it if they couldn’t be bothered to give a fuck?

Because they thought it'd be an automatic cash-cow. Which to be fair TFA was, it's still the highest grossing film in America.

Its Marvel tier comic book art. Its real. And surprisingly enough, that isn't the worse interior art you would find in a Marvel comic.

It happens all the time with book rights and cartoon pitches. They'll buy the property just so that nobody else ever can

Americans are dumb enough to not get the prequels, but they aren't dumb enough to like the sequels.

Oh they did. TFA was the most defended Star Wars movie ever, people were in complete denial abotu what a shitshow it was. I'm happy that TROS happened because it was the much needed baseball thrown at a window that broke all the fandom's misplaced faith in Disney.