DeviantArt cringe thread

DeviantArt cringe thread

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I mean it's cringe but this art isn't too terribly bad at least it's content isn't cringe

How is this cringe

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That’s just wasting gloves

>9 sparkledog furry wolf OCs
>"wtf that's not cringe"

Well, we know what side of the spectrum you fall on.


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That is actually a pretty good design, autism and paint aside.

>500 IQ
>All dedicated to poop and farts

Lex Luthor's IQ is 225 for reference.

Mr Brown is unfathomably intelligent, and every neuron is blazing like the god damn sun with knowledge of only braps and craps.

most anons aren't this loyal to their waifu so this guy is into something

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what's so cringe about it? art isn´t good but the content is not so bad

They're all well drawn, stylized, and colored. There's nothing autistic about wanting to draw sparkly cartoon dogs.

>Danny roasting his own creator's older creation

>There's nothing autistic about wanting to draw sparkly cartoon dogs.

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>They're all well drawn, stylized, and colored.

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>caring about other people's perfectly passable designs because they're of a type you don't like past teenage years
You have to be 18+ or older to post here.

>There's nothing autistic about wanting to draw sparkly cartoon dogs.

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Fuck one marry one kill (the rest).

I'd fuck top left, marry bottom right, kill the rest

Aren't these Vivzie's?

The worst part is you can't criticize his career choice because he's so much smarter than you.

>Being this defensive over being a furry

Rofl. How mad are you that mods delete all your threads here?

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I mean, you can, but you'll never be able to trump the fact that with all of his supreme intelligence focused on the one, true thing he is passionate about makes him objectively happier than you'll ever be. :(

they look alright imo

Now here’s the challenge: Based or cringe?

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Anything SU is automatically cringe, except for the porn.

>tfw you used to draw Vivz fan art all the time when she was more active on tumblr back around 2015 and she never re-blogged your fan art or acknowledged you.

It still hurts bros

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>You will never comprehend the secrets of Mr. Browns scatlas.

Naw, that’s based

Anything SU is automatically cringe, especially the porn.

Maybe she never saw it? I doubt she was unappreciative.

Cringe =/= poorly drawn.

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The duality of a man

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Probably, but I've always had crippling anxiety and depression and, especially when it comes to my art, I tend to feel like if it doesn't get noticed or even liked then it wasn't good enough for anybody to care about it. I was in a particularly depressive phase back then so things like this always made me sad.

>tfw DeviantArt's new design is cringier than all of these

I hope that's a balloon and not a rectal prolapse.

Why the fuck do DP and ATLA fans shit on other Nicktoon shows?

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Is that prolapse inflation? What the fuck.

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I'm guessimg prolapse by the torn pants.

>and the movies Black Panther and Captain Marvel

Yep. Hating these movies = Nazism.

>doesn’t include weird fetishized things
>doesn’t have cringe oc backstories that make them extremely smart and popular
>doesn’t have vote or diapers in it
Just say you hate vizze and move on already

going by the balloons in her bra imma guess that's what it is and not a prolapse

Seethe harder, furry.

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