Sweet Boy Beach

Is SBB Yas Forums JoJo's?

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SexualLobster in general is Yas Forums's JoJo.

SexualLobster is like a drug
it's addictive
you want more of it every day
and you can't tell your close relatives about it

He had to change his user name to "Greasy Tales" because Youtube forced him to.

>Your ship has symmetry
>It has the power of geometry
>I admire its parallel lines
>It's perfect curves, it's superb design
>But my ship does not need to be perfect
>It does not need to impress
>For you see my ship is a space walrus
>oh oh oh oh
>Its a space walrus
>(I can see that you're jealous!)
>Migrating through the cosmos
>Hibernating amongst the stars
>Come join me on my walrus
>I'll give you a lift from jupiter to mars
>Enveloping all my passengers
>In its salty caress
>Its not just any mammal
>Its a space walrus
>Oooohh, It's a space walrus

My sister is way into it as well
I showed her ragemellon and we still quote it at each other

What the fuck happened to Sexual Lobster?

He was primed to become the next big thing like 7 years ago and then just vanished off the face of everyone's radar.

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I believe he was working on an australian toddler show for a while and then a YouTube meta shift happened.

damn, google screwing over the animators once again

He's still working on Bluey to the best of my knowledge.

I love how the animation suddenly jumps to a new level of quality on the 3rd one

peak SL here


What a classic

Forced to rebrand to Greasy Tales, constantly banned on Twitter for getting low-IQ liberals butthurt, and can't monetize any of his videos on youtube anymore.
Between Patreon and Youtube fucking anyone over that isn't catering to "muh narrative" and that advertisers won't touch Newgrounds (again, cause "muh narrative") there's no way to finance his work without partnering with Mashitima-tier bullshit.
People need to give Newgrounds more attention so people can get the fuck off Youtube and Twitter.

This, google was a mistake

Am still upset google's lame bullshit policy fucked over his name. Whatta bummer though, all because he was fuckin around with the name feature.

He changed it to Greasy Tales, because he was worried "SexuaLobster" would scare off potential employers. But this was after YouTube's policy change, so he isn't able to revert his name back.

He's been getting hired to work on various shows.

It screwed over lots of animator.

Hired is a very generous word to describe his current situation. More like "professionally doing favors".
He still isn't able to monetize his own work and is forced to rely on donors (including pre-paid ad partners). Even this newest episode's funding was likely already spent by the time it was released, so he gets no "royalties". Even if the ad partner gets clicks, that money is still covering for loses or going towards the next project.
If he's happy with his current load of work, all to him. He deserves better.

Youtube unironically killed internet content.

Who is the best SexualLobster character and why is Gooseman?

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What about Manny?

My mother in law is a scorpion

Freelance animation, especially if you're looking to produce your own works, has never really been a profitable career. And the market for it can be pretty unrepentant, where it easily offers very little rewards for all the hard work you put in. The reason animators like him were able to get far for a while was because internet animation was more of a niche field compared to nowadays.

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>With all my heart! Albeit with great reservations.